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  • Using Twitter for endorsing products is fairly common these days. Many NBA stars also use their twitter accounts for advertising purposes and their rates are just eye-popping.

    These are the NBA players who are paid most for a sponsored tweet.

    Most missed Field Goals in an NBA Career

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    There are some records which a player does not want to have in his NBA career. One of them is most missed field goals by a player in his career.

    NBA: All-Time Leaders in Minutes Played

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    The “minutes played” became an official stat in 1951-52 season. Since then, 27 players have crossed 40,000 career minutes and only four of them went over 50,000 mark.

    There is always a possibility that two teammates will set a few records if they play together over a long period of time.

    Apparently, scoring in double figures is not a big achievement but it can become a special thing if a player does so over and over again.

    The following is a list of those NBA players who have scored 10 points or more in most consecutive games (regular season).

    NBA: Highest Paid Players in Single Season

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    Although, every player in NBA has a lucrative salary but here we will discuss only those players who got paid the most in single NBA season.

    Let’s have a look at the top five list of highest paid players.

    Most Rebounds in a Season Opener

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    Dwight Howard had a spectacular game last night. He scored 17 points and pulled down 26 rebounds against the Charlotte Bobcats and undoubtedly made the most of his first game in Houston Rockets uniform.

    NBA Longest Tenured Coaches

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    Coaching is considered as one of the most important jobs in NBA. There have been many coaches in NBA history who spent decades in the league. Lets have a look at those coaches who have longest coaching careers in NBA.

    Generally, the double-double is not taken too much seriously because it is a very common feat in NBA. In almost every game, you will find at least one player having a double-double, scoring minimum 10 points and grabbing 10 rebounds.

    5 Best NBA Draft Classes Ever

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    Each year NBA draft provides exposure to 60 new players. Obviously not every single player possesses elite ability but it is a fact that each draft class has a certain kind of reputation. Some draft classes seems to have many superstar talents while others lack it.

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