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  • Biggest victories in terms of the points are always memorable for the teams and these one-sided wins leave a certain kind of sense of satisfaction. It is always been a special thing to dominate an opponent completely but these kinds of wins happened rarely. Following are the some biggest margin of victories in NBA history.

    1. Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Miami Heat (148 – 80), December 17, 1991

    It was the biggest win for the Cavaliers and the worst defeat for the Miami Heats. The Cavaliers toppled the Heats with the huge deficit of 68 points and produced the biggest margin of win ever. Mark Price and Battle led the way with 18 points each. Cleveland outscored the Heat, 75-27, in the second half, including 42-13 in the final quarter.

    2. Indiana Pacers vs. Portland Trail Blazers (124 – 59), February 27, 1998

    It was the second biggest margin victory in the NBA history where the Pacers controlled the game right from the go and beat the Blazers by a huge margin of 65 points, with a score of 124-59,

    3. Los Angeles Lakers vs. Golden State Warriors (162 – 99), March 19, 1972

    The third biggest victory came in 1972, in the game between the Lakers and the Warriors. It was a one sided affair where Lakers defeated the Warriors with a humiliating margin of 63 points.

    4. Golden State Warriors vs. Sacramento Kings (153 – 91), November 2, 1991

    Warriors dominated the proceedings right from the start, they outscored the Kings 48-18 in the first quarter. The end result was also the expected one; Warriors thrashed Kings by 62 points with the score of 153-91, making it the worst home defeat in The Kings history.

    5. Syracuse Nationals vs. New York Knicks (162 – 100), December 25, 1960
    New York Knicks suffered a big loss in 1960 against the Syracuse Nationals, loosing the game by a huge margin of 62 points and leaving the Knicks fans in a state of disbelief.

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