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  • Basketball is a contact sport; it always carries a threat of head injuries. Players often collide with other players, take blows on the head; sometimes lost their balance and hit hard on the surface. These kinds of incidents often results in traumatic brain injuries which include concussions, head fractures and internal head injuries. If we take a look at the history of basketball, we find so many examples of head related injuries, some minor ones and some serious ones. Below, we have mentioned some tragic and dreadful head injury cases of the history of basketball.

    Maurice Stokes smashed hard on the floor

    Maurice Stokes was an American professional basketball player in the mid 50s. During the last game of 1957-58 season, in Minneapolis, stokes was moving forward to the basket when he collided with a player and smashed hard on the floor. He became fainted as soon as his head got banged on the surface, a while after; he gained his consciousness back and returned to the game. Apparently, he seemed to be alright, but actually he was not. Few days later, he became ill again and flew back to Cincinnati for medical treatment. Tragically, his head injury got worst by the airplane cabin pressure. He fell into coma and later, became paraplegic. He remained in the miserable condition of coma for 12 years. Eventually, he died at the age of 36, on April 6, 1970.

    Boban Jankovic slammed his head against the goal post

    Boban was a Serbian professional basketball player. He started his professional carrier at a very young age, when he was just 17 years old. In the1992-93 season of Greek League, he was playing a playoff game against Panathinaikos. Just eight minutes were remained in the game; the intensity was very high, Boban drove to the hoop and scored a basket which was called an offensive foul by the referee. In anger, Boban slammed his head hard against the goal post. He fell down unconsciously and blood began to pour from his mouth. The strong knock on head turned out to be a fatal one. It left Boban permanently paralyzed, damaged his spinal cord and made him confined to a wheelchair for the rest of his life. 13 years later, he eventually died at the age of 42.

    Chris Paul took a nasty blow on head

    Chris Paul is a professional basketball player; he plays for New Orleans Hornets. During 2010-11 season, in a game against Cleveland Cavaliers, he was droving the ball into the lane when he collided with the Cleveland’s guard Ramon Sessions and took a nasty blow on the forehead. He was taken off the court in a stretcher and rushed to the hospital where he was diagnosed with a concussion. Seemingly, it was a dreadful injury but Chris recovered very soon and got back into the action immediately.

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