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  • There is always a possibility that two teammates will set a few records if they play together over a long period of time. Here we will take a look at one of such records and it is the top five duos with most regular season wins.

    1. John Stockton and Karl Malone – 906

    It has to be John Stockton and Karl Malone because no other pair has played as many games together as they had in their career. They have played about 1400 games together and won 906 out of it. They led the Utah Jazz to 18 consecutive playoffs and two finals appearances. Despite all that, they have never been able to win a championship for their team.

    2. Robert Parish and Kevin McHale – 656

    Robert parish and Kevin McHale won 656 regular season games together. They joined Boston Celtics in 1980. (four-year veteran center Robert Parish and 3rd overall pick (Kevin McHale) both were acquired by the Boston Celtics from Golden State Warriors). They spent thirteen seasons together in Boston and formed one of the most formidable front lines in the history of NBA.

    3. Bill Russell and Sam Jones – 618

    Boston Celtics’ star center Bill Russell and shooting guard Sam Jones combined for 618 victories as teammates. Both spent their entire career with Boston Celtics and helped build the Celtic dynasty by winning 10 championships. The pair retired in the same year (1969).

    4. Tony Parker and Tim Duncan – 604 to date

    Tony Parker and Tim Duncan are now moved ahead of Kobe/Fisher combo in terms of  most win by two teammates. On Nov. 20, 2013, they have completed their 600th win as teammates.

    They have won 604 games to date and currently ranks fourth in the list.

    5. Kobe Bryant and Derek Fisher – 596

    Kobe Bryant was teamed up with Derek Fisher in 1996. The pair took the Lakers to four finals and went on to win three championships. Their partnership ended when Fisher left Los Angeles franchise in 2004.

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