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  • Apparently, scoring in double figures is not a big achievement but it can become a special thing if a player does so over and over again.

    The following is a list of those NBA players who have scored 10 points or more in most consecutive games (regular season).

    1. Michael Jordan — 866 (March 25, 1986 to Dec. 26, 2001)

    Michael Jordan tops the list with 866 straight games. He is the only player in NBA history to score in double figures in more than 800 games. It took him 13 seasons to accomplish this milestone.

    2. Kareem Abdul Jabbar — 787 (Dec 4, 1977 to Dec 2, 1987)

    Kareem Abdul Jabbar, a six-time MVP, holds the record of second longest double digit scoring streak. Actually, he has two such streaks to his credit. One of his streak spanned over 10 seasons, starting in 1977 and ending in 1987.

    3. Karl Malone — 575 (Dec 18, 1991 to March 26, 1999)

    Karl Malone’s streak lasted seven seasons. The streak began in 1991 and ended in 1999.

    4. Moses Malone — 526 (Nov. 4, 1978 to March 4, 1985)

    Moses Malone scored minimum 10 points in all of his 526 games from Nov. 1978 to March 1985. The streak began in Houston Rockets outfit while it ended in 1985 when Moses Malone was the part of the Philadelphia 76ers franchise.

    5. LeBron James — 512 and so on (Jan. 6, 2007 to present)

    Early this season, LeBron James became the fifth NBA player to score at least 10 points in 500 consecutive games. This is the longest active streak as well and seems unlikely to end in near future.

    6. Kareem Abdul Jabbar — 508 (Oct. 18, 1969 to Jan. 7, 1976)

    Kareem Abdul Jabbar is the first NBA player to reach 500 mark. This double figure streak started on Oct 18, 1969 when he made his debut in the league and snapped in 1975-76 season.

    7. Kevin Durant — 339 and so on (March 14, 2009 to present)

    After LeBron, the next to string together back to back double figure games is Kevin Durant. Currently, he is at 339 and looks confident enough to have few more. The last game in which he made less than 10 points came in Feb. 27, 2009.

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