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    There is some equipment needed to play a basketball game. The basketball equipment can be broke down into three more categories court equipment, officials equipment and players equipment. To make it more clear, here is a list of all the equipment used in basketball.

    Court Equipment


    The playing surface isĀ  made of either wood or maple and it has to be flat and rectangular in shape


    Ball is the most visible equipment in the game of basketball. There are different types of basketball used in different leagues. Usually it is made of leather, rubber or any synthetic material but it has to be inflated properly.


    Basket consists of a round shaped metal rim with the covering of net around it. Baskets are mounted at a certain height (10 feet above the floor).


    Backboard is a rectangular board on which the basket is attached.


    Scoreboard displays the time left in the period and running scores of the both team. A scoreboard can be either digital or manual.

    Officials Equipment

    Uniform of Officials

    Officials wear a uniform prescribed by their respective governing body. Usually, officials are dressed in white and black stripped shirts, black pants and black shoes. NBA officials wear gray shirts, black pants and black shoes.


    Basketball referee carries a whistle which he blows every time he needs to stop a play.

    Score book

    Score book is used by the scorekeeper who writes down scores and stats on it. Score book is something where you find summary of the whole game, names of the players, their positions and jersey numbers, details of each quarter and half etc.

    Shot Clock and Game Clock

    Shot clock and game clock are operated by timekeepers. Game clock records the overall time of the game while shot clock counts down the 24 second shot clock.

    Players Equipment

    Players Uniform

    Uniform consists of jersey (preferably sleeveless), short and shoes. All the teams wears their own specific uniform. In NBA, all players wear a uniform prepared by league’s sponsored sportswear company. They are not allowed to wear shorts which are too long. In NBA, players can be fined if their uniform does not comply with the rules of the league.

    Protective Gears and Accessories

    Protective gears and accessories include goggles, face masks, mouth guards, knee pads or brace, headbands, arm sleeves, wristbands etc. Not all players wear necessarily all these things. They use them only when they required them.

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