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  • Foot Locker Three- point shootout (also called Three-point shootout) is an annual contest where three points shooting skills of the players are testified. In this contest, top three point shooters compete against each other so that the best one can be figured out. This contest is a part of NBA All-Star Weekend and takes place on Saturday before the All-Star Game.

    The event comprises of two rounds and a total of six players participate in the contest. The format of the contest is quite simple. Five shooting stations have been set up around the three-point line. There is a rack at every station which contains five balls each. The contestants (one at a time) go from one station to another and attempts three pointers. They shoot five balls at each station, four standard Spalding balls and one multi-colored ball. Every Spalding ball worth one point and the other ball which is colored in red, blue and white (often called money ball) brings two points. On each station, the perfect score would be six points. Every player has 60 seconds to shoot 25 balls. The task is to make as many three pointers as he could. The player continues to fire three pointers until he reaches the last corner of the court. The three players with highest scores move forward to the final round. In case of a tie, more rounds or tiebreakers are played until a player gets more points than the other.

    In the final round, the method is exactly the same as it was in the first round except that the shooting is done in ascending order e.g. player who gets most points in the first round starts the shooting. The final round determines the winner of the competition. The player with the most points is declared the winner. Besides winning the contest, the winner also gets $35,000 as prize money; first runner up gets 22, 500 and second runner up takes 15,000. Other remaining players receive 4, 500 each.

    Records and Trivia about Three-Point Shootout Contest

    Larry Bird was the winner of the inaugural three point shootout contest.

    Before 2003, eight players were selected to participate in the each season’s shootout, instead of six.

    In 1999, the contest was not held due to the NBA lockout.

    Larry Bird and Craig Hodges won the contest most number of times, three times each. They won it back to back.

    Four players have won the contest twice, in a row as well. These players are Mark Price, Jeff Hornacek, Peja Stojakovic and Jason Kapono.

    Tim Legler scored the most points in the contest, 65 points in 1996, if all points from every round are combined.

    Jason Kapono and Craig Hodges score 25 points each in 2008 and 1986 respectively; this is the highest score in any round.

    Craig Hodges made 19 consecutive shots in 1991, most by any player in the contest.

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