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  • Basketball was officially included in Olympics during the 1936, Berlin games. Before that, it was featured once as a demonstration or exhibition sport. 23 basketball teams participated in the Berlin Olympics. USA basketball team dominated that competition with its unbeaten flawless record and claimed the title without losing a single game.

    Qualifying Process

    Since 1976 Olympics, 12 teams take part in Olympic basketball men’s tournament. They have been selected through the following qualifying process:                                                                         



    Olympic Basketball Medal Winners

    USA is the most successful team in Olympics basketball history. The team leads the overall medal count with 13 gold, one silver and two bronze medals. They won 7 gold medals in a row from 1936 to 1968. The United States team became ever so strong since 1992 when professionals from NBA have started to participate in Olympics instead of the amateurs. These are the teams who got medals in Olympic basketball tournament:


    Year Location Gold Medal Silver Medal Bronze Medal
    1936 Berlin United States Canada Mexico
    1948 London United States France Brazil
    1952 Helsinki United States Soviet Union Uruguay
    1956 Melbourne United States Soviet Union Uruguay
    1960 Rome United States Soviet Union Brazil
    1964 Tokyo United States Soviet Union Brazil
    1968 Mexico City United States Yugoslavia Soviet Union
    1972 Munich Soviet Union United States Cuba
    1976 Montreal United States Yugoslavia Soviet Union
    1980 Moscow Yugoslavia Italy Soviet Union
    1984 Los Angeles United States Spain Yugoslavia
    1988 Seoul Soviet Union Yugoslavia United States
    1992 Barcelona United States Croatia Lithuania
    1996 Atlanta United States Yugoslavia Lithuania
    2000 Sydney United States France Lithuania
    2004 Athens Argentina Italy United States
    2008 Beijing United States Spain Argentina
    2012 London      

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