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  • Violations are infractions of the rules of the game. They are mostly committed by the offense and often results in the loss of the ball possession. Here is list of common basketball violations for a better understanding.


    Palming occurs when a player places his hands underneath the ball while dribbling.


    Violation is called when a player takes too many steps without dribbling or change his pivot foot illegally. Once a pivot foot is determined player cannot move or change it unless the ball is released.

    Double Dribble

    A player is not allowed to dribble with both hands at the same but he can switch the ball from hand to another while dribbling.

    Discontinued Dribble

    When a player dribbles the ball, stops and then resumes dribbling. Basically a player cannot continue dribble once he stops, he has to wait until some one else dribbles.

    24 second violation

    A player has to attempt a shot within 24 seconds, otherwise he will lose the possession of the ball

    5 second possession violation

    When a player is closely guarded, he has to release the ball within 5 seconds (either to shoot or pass). The rule is not applied in NBA.

    5 second inbounds violation

    A player standing out of bounds has 5 seconds to bring the ball inbounds (within the sidelines and baselines).

    5 second free throw violation

    A player has to attempt a free throw in five seconds once the official hands over the ball to the player.

    Lane violation

    When a player either defensive or offense enters the lane too soon during the free throw attempt. If defensive player commits lane violation then offensive team gets another free throw while defensive team gets turn over if offensive players commits this violation.

    Out of Bounds

    Team loses the possession of the ball when ball touches the boundary line or goes beyond it.

    Backcourt violation

    A player with the ball cannot come back in his back court once he crosses the half court line.


    Goaltending takes place when a player illegally interferes with the shot. For example, when the ball is on the rim or on the way to go down in the hoop and defense create some hinder, then the shot will be assumed in.

    8 second violation

    A player in back court has 8 seconds to get the ball over the half court and into the front court. At college level, player has 10 seconds instead of 8.

    3 second violation

    An offensive player cannot stay inside the key or paint area continuously for 3 or more seconds.

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