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    The dunk is the most stylish way of getting the ball into the basket and scoring points. It is still unclear who exactly developed the dunking but one thing is sure that Julius Arving made it prominent and popular as it was a distinctive feature of his playing style. He himself introduced different ways of dunking and in later years, more players added more variations in it.

    The basic concept of dunking

    Player jumps in the air, gets close to the rim and smashes the ball into the basket with one or two hands; it is the basic concept of dunking. This whole procedure can also be called one or two handed dunk. Variations developed when players performed dunking in different ways and with different methods. Mainly, all the variations and types revolve around this basic concept. Following are the main types of slam dunk.

    Windmill Dunk

    Windmill dunk is executed in this manner, players jumps in the air, rotates his arm around and slams the ball into the basket (mostly by using one hand).

    Tomahawk Dunk

    In tomahawk, player leaps, takes the ball above the head, then brings it from behind and throws into the hoop with a force.

    Alley-Oop Dunk

    This dunk is delivered with the assistance of another player. One player throws the ball high towards the ring; another player collects it in mid air and slams it downward into the basket.

    Free throw line Dunk

    Also known as foul line dunk, is executed while jumping around the free through line with high elevation. The dunk is executed with one or two hands.

    Reverse Dunk

    It is an extremely difficult dunk to execute as a player doesn’t look at the basket when he dunks the ball. He turns his back to the basket, extends his arm and pushes the ball through the hoop.

    360 Dunk

    To execute a 360 slam dunk, player jumps up, completes a 360 degree turn and drops the ball in customary manner.

    720 Dunk

    It is even harder than a 360 dunk as it requires two full spins in the air.

    Between the legs Dunk

    In such type, player passes the ball between his legs from one hand to the other while airborne and then goes for a dunk.

    Off the backboard/ glass

    In this variation, player bounces the ball off the backboard, then grabs it and makes a dunk generally with both hands.

    Double Clutch or Double Pump Dunk 

    It is a type of dunk where player stretch his arms straight up with the ball, then brings it back to his body and again moves the ball upward to dunk.

    Rock the Cradle

    Also called rock the baby. It is similar to the windmill dunk except for two reasons, one, the ball is firmly held in the palm and wrist. Secondly, circular motion of the hand starts from the below, not from the top.

     There are some other variations in the dunk as well which were developed by combining two variations such as 360 windmill dunk, double clutch reverse dunk and 360 between the leg dunk.


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