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  • If a player is not scoring in basketball, he can still help his team in winning the  games with assists. There have been only five players in NBA history to made 10,000+ assists in their career. Let’s have a look at all the members of this exclusive club.

    1. John Stockton

    No wonder, why John Stockton is ranked at the top of the list. He is all-time leader in assists with 15,806, which is about 3,000 ahead of the next assist man. What a remarkable achievement is it to get 10,000 assist itself but to tally15000+ is even more incredible. There are quite a few more assist records he holds, including most assists in a season (1,164), highest assist average in a season (14.5), most assist titles in career (9) and most consecutive times leading the league in assists.

    2. Jason Kidd

    Jason Kidd is one of the only two active players who have been able to reach the milestone of 10,000 career assists. He currently has 11,972 assists and is approaching 12,000 mark. Jason Kidd has been one of the best point guards in NBA for past two decades. His passing skills always had a huge impact on whatever team he plays for and it helped him in setting up wins on many occasions.

    3. Mark Jackson

    Mark Jackson started off his career on an impressive note. He dished out 868 assists in the first year of his NBA career with an average of 10.6 apg.  and set the record for the most assists in a rookie season. He finished his career with 10,334 assists. He was second on the list until Jason Kidd jumped ahead of him on November 26, 2009.

    4. Magic Johnson

    Magic Johnson’s record in assists stands at 10,141. To the surprise of many, it’s the Magic Johnson who owns the highest career average in assists (11.2), not he John Stockton. He holds few other assists record as well such as longest double digit assist streak (46 games) and most assists in a playoff game (24) which he shares with John Stockton.

    5. Steve Nash

    Steve Nash is the latest to join this elite group. On January 8, 2013, he got an assist in the last few seconds of the first half against Houston Rockets. With that assist, he became the fifth NBA player to hit 10,000 assist barrier. Steve Nash has been one of the most underrated player in NBA. He is often overlooked when it comes to ranking the greatest points guards in league’s history. But his stats suggest that he deserves to be among top 1o point guards in NBA history.

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