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  • NBA players are immensely popular and recognizable figures. They can make a strong impression when it comes to shaping brand image and eventually selling the product. That’s why, companies are always eager to capitalize on their stardom and use them to promote their products. So, which players are in demand right now for endorsing products, let’s find out.

    1. LeBron James

    No other NBA player is more in demand right now as far as marketing is concerned, than LeBron James. According to the latest Forbes report, he earned about $57 million in 2012-13 season, approximately 40 million of it came from his off court deals. It is almost thrice as many as any other NBA player earns (excluding Kobe Bryant). Currently, he is associated with a number of global brands and they are willing to pay millions for his momentary appearances in their commercials.

    2. Kobe Bryant

    Kobe Bryant is one of the most desirable brand endorsers, as always he is. Despite the fact, he is in the 17th year of his NBA career, he is still quite popular. Many well recognized companies signed him as soon as he entered the league. He is among those few players who earns more from endorsements than from their NBA contract. Despite assault allegations in 2003, he is still preferred by many companies for the endorsement of their product. Nike has been his main sponsor for the large part of his career.

    3. Derrick Rose

    Derrick Rose’s knee injury forced him to stay away from the court but not from making money. After extending his contract with Bulls in December 2011, he signed a $250 million worth deal with Adidas recently. Definitely, it wouldn’t be the last deal. There will be many more endorsement deals to come his way.

    4. Dwyane Wade

    Dwyane Wade is another highly recognizable figure who is making a lot of money from endorsing a variety of products. He has been associated with  Nike shoes since he started his career in 2003  but you will no longer see him any Nike commercial as he recently signed a lucrative contract with Li-Ning, a Chinese sneakers company.

    5. Kevin Durant

    Kevin Durant is at the top of his game right now. Leading the league in scoring straight three seasons (from 2010-2012) has converted him into a marketing sensation. He is currently advertising for a number of brands but majority of his off court earnings comes from Nike.

    6. Carmelo Anthony

    Carmelo Anthony’s on court play is getting better and better each year, so as his market value. He got more hype after winning gold medal in 2012 Olympics. Like many other players, he gets most of his off court income from Nike.

    7. Dwight Howard

    An unexpected trade hit his endorsement value to some extent, but still considered a prolific player. In his last season before trade, he earned about $12 million, primarily from Adidas and  McDonald’s . Moving to Los Angeles from Orlando, has some immediate negative impact but this move will give him more exposure as Los Angeles is far more bigger market and he is expected to get more from endorsement deals in coming years.

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