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  • List of NBA All-Star Game Coaches

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    This is a list of NBA All-Star coaches. It includes both East and West coaches from 1951 to 2012. When it comes to the most selections as coach, you will find the name of Red Auerbach on top of the list. He appeared in 11 NBA All-Star games. He also holds the record for the most consecutive selections or appearances in the All-Star game with 11 selections.

    Year Eastern Coach Western Coach
    1951 Joe Lapchick John Kundla
    1952 Al Cervi John Kundla
    1953 Joe Lapchick John Kundla
    1954 Joe Lapchick John Kundla
    1955 Al Cervi Charley Eckman
    1956 George Senesky Charley Eckman
    1957 Red Auerbach Bobby Wanzer
    1958 Red Auerbach Alex Hannum
    1959 Red Auerbach Ed Macauley
    1960 Red Auerbach Ed Macauley
    1961 Red Auerbach Paul Seymour
    1962 Red Auerbach Fred Schaus
    1963 Red Auerbach Fred Schaus
    1964 Red Auerbach Fred Schaus
    1965 Red Auerbach Alex Hannum
    1966 Red Auerbach Fred Schaus
    1967 Red Auerbach Fred Schaus
    1968 Alex Hannum Bill Sharman
    1969 Gene Shue Richie Guerin
    1970 Red Holzman Richie Guerin
    1971 Red Holzman Larry Costello
    1972 Tom Heinsohn Bill Sharman
    1973 Tom Heinsohn Bill Sharman
    1974 Tom Heinsohn Larry Costello
    1975 K. C. Jones Al Attles
    1976 Tom Heinsohn Al Attles
    1977 K. C. Jones Larry Brown
    1978 Billy Cunningham Jack Ramsay
    1979 Dick Motta Lenny Wilkens
    1980 Billy Cunningham Lenny Wilkens
    1981 Billy Cunningham John Macleod
    1982 Bill Fitch Pat Riley
    1983 Billy Cunningham Pat Riley
    1984 K. C. Jones Frank Layden
    1985 K. C. Jones Pat Riley
    1986 K. C. Jones Pat Riley
    1987 K. C. Jones Pat Riley
    1988 Mike Fratello Pat Riley
    1989 Lenny Wilkens Pat Riley
    1990 Chuck Daly Pat Riley
    1991 Chris Ford Rick Adelman
    1992 Phil Jackson Don Nelson
    1993 Pat Riley Paul Westphal
    1994 Lenny Wilkens George Karl
    1995 Brian Hill Paul Westphal
    1996 Phil Jackson George Karl
    1997 Doug Collins Rudy Tomjanovich
    1998 Larry Bird George Karl
    1999 All-Star game canceled due to lockout
    2000 Jeff Van Gundy Phil Jackson
    2001 Larry Brown Rick Adelman
    2002 Byron Scott Don Nelson
    2003 Isiah Thomas Rick Adelman
    2004 Rick Carlisle Flip Saunders
    2005 Stan Van Gundy Gregg Popovich
    2006 Flip Saunders Avery Johnson
    2007 Eddie Jordan Mike D’Antoni
    2008 Doc Rivers Byron Scott
    2009 Mike Brown Phil Jackson
    2010 Stan Van Gundy George Karl
    2011 Doc Rivers Gregg Popovich
    2012 Tom Thibodeau Scott Brooks

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