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  • LeBron James scored 37 points in the game 7 of 2013 NBA final series. After seeing this mighty effort, i was curious to know what was exactly the highest score ever by an individual in the history of decisive games of finals series. So i did some search and find some cool facts which i would like to share with you as well.

    42 points by Jerry West (May 5, 1969)

    Jerry West had 42 points in the game 7 against Boston Celtics. It was the highest ever score by a player in a decisive game of any finals series (irrespective of winning or losing the series).

    Though, Jerry West did not win the championship but he ended up winning the MVP finals award and became the only player in NBA history to win finals MVP despite being on losing side.

    41 points by Elgin Baylor (April 18, 1962)

    Elgin Baylor scored 41 points in the decisive game but all to no avail. His team lost by a closee margin of 3 points. In that game, Jerry West also chipped in with 35 points.

    39 points by Bob Pettit (April 13, 1957)

    In the 7th game of 1957 finals, Bob Pettit scored game high 39 points. But again, the outcome was tragic indeed. His team lost the game 123-125. The two point loss against Boston Celtics deprived Bob Pettit of his first NBA championship (although, next year he went on to win his first and only career championship).

    37 points by Tom Heinsohn (April 13, 1957)

    In that same game of 1957 NBA finals, Boston Celtics rookie Tom Heinsohn scored 39 points and led the Celtics to the their first ever championship win. This championship proved to be the foundation of Boston Celtics marvelous dynasty.

    37 points by LeBron James (June 20, 2013)

    Most recently, LeBron James scored 37 points and tied Tom Heinsohn’s record for the most points in finals game 7 win. His 37 points not only helped him clinching his second championship but also earned him second finals MVP award too.

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