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    NBA All- Star Game is a demonstration game played between the selected Western and Eastern Conference players. It takes place in the month of February after the first half of the regular season. Initially, it was the only exibition program but years later few more events were introduced and now all these events are part of a three day festival called All- Star Weekend.

    Who conceived the idea of NBA All-Star Game?

    The idea of an all-star game was conceived by the NBA publicity director Haskell Cohen and Commissioner Maurice Podoloff and it was executed by Walter Brown, the owner of Boston Celtics. Walter Brown himself took the initiative and decided to organize the all star game in Boston Garden. The inaugural game was held on Marh 2, 1951, where East defeated the West 111-94.

    The process for selecting the players

    The players for NBA all star game are selected through voting system. Voting is done for a total of 12 players , 5 starters and 7 reserves from each conference. Starting players are determined by fan ballot while reserves are selected by the voting of 30 head coaches. The coaches are not allowed to vote for the players on their own team. In case of injuries, the commissioner selects the replacement players.

    The rules of NBA All- Star game

    There is no difference between a regular NBA game and an All Star game in terms of the rules except for the halftime that is longer than a routine NBA game. Mostly, NBA All Star game ends up being a high scoring affair as the focus is on extavagant offensive play.

    Dance, music and performances

    Half time show Performances  is a special feature of this event. Famous singers perform during the halftime. National anthems of United states and canada are also sung by the atists before the game. Lighting effects, dance, music and performances all make it a must watch event.

    Basically, this  game is about having fun and it is not played in a such competitive manner which we expect in a regular NBA game.

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