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  • NBA: Highest Paid Players in Single Season

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    Although, every player in NBA has a lucrative salary but here we will discuss only those players who got paid the most in single NBA season.

    Let’s have a look at the top five list of highest paid players.

    Michael Jordan — 33.1 million dollars (1997-98 season)

    Michael Jordan is the highest paid player ever for a single season. He made 33.1 million dollars in 1997-98 season (in his last season with Chicago Bulls). He won the championship in return and helped his team in completing its second three peat.

    Kobe Bryant — 30.45 million dollars (2013-14)

    The 17-year veteran Kobe Bryant is scheduled to get 30.45 million dollar during the 2013-14 season. The Bryant’s salary this season is the second largest salary in NBA history.

    Michael Jordan — 30.14 million dollars (1996-97)

    Michael Jordan made quite a lot of money in his final two seasons with Chicago Bulls. He signed a one year contract with them on July 1996 and earned 30.14 million dollars.

    Kevin Garnett — 28 million dollars (2003-04)

    Kevin Garnett was paid 28 million dollars in 2003-04 season, the fourth highest salary in the history of NBA.

    The salary cap has been increased considerably over the last decade and franchises have beenoffering more lucrative deals than ever before. During this decade, Kevin Garnett has topped the highest paid player list seven times in his career.

    Kobe Bryant — 27.8 million dollars (2012-13)

    Kobe Bryant holds the record for the fifth highest salary in single season. In April 2010, he signed a three- year, 90 million contract extension with Los Angeles Lakers. As a result of that contract, he received 27.8 million during the 2012-13 season (The contract will expire at the end of 2013-14 season).

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