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  • In the history of professional basketball, several players had served in a dual role of player and coach. Players like Bob Cousy, Bill Russell, Lenny Wilkens and Bob Pettit have coached their respective sides while still being playing for the team. However, it’s now against the rules of NBA.

    An active player can no longer serve as a team’s head coach under the league’s salary cap. The policy has been put in place to make sure that players won’t be paid more than their agreed upon salary. Nevertheless, the practice worked well for many teams in the past and helped them won championships as well. Here is the list of NBA player-coaches.

    Player-Coach Team Years
    Ed Sadowski Toronto Huskies 1946
    Dick Fitzgerald Toronto Huskies 1946
    Buddy Jeannette Baltimore Bullets 1947-1950
    Grady Lewis St. Louis Bombers 1948-1949
    Curly Armstrong Fort Wayne Pistons 1948-1949
    Bruce Hale Indianapolis Jets 1948
    Nat Hickey Providence Steamrollers 1948
    Charles Shipp Waterloo Hawks 1949-1950
    Howie Schultz Anderson Packers 1949-1950
    Jimmy Darden Denver Nuggets 1949-1950
    Bob Feerick Washington Capitols 1949-1950
    Al Cervi Syracuse Nationals 1949-1953
    Johnny Logan Tri-Cities Blackhawks 1950
    Jack Smiley Waterloo Hawks 1950
    Bones McKinney Washington Capitols 1950-1951
    Mike Todorovich Tri-Cities Blackhawks 1950-1951
    Walt Budko Baltimore Bullets 1951
    Fred Scolari Baltimore Bullets 1951-1952
    Andrew Levane Milwaukee Hawks 1952-1953
    Red Holzman Milwaukee Hawks 1954
    Bobby Wanzer Rochester Royals 1955-1957
    Paul Seymour Syracuse Nationals 1956-1960
    Slater Martin St. Louis Hawks 1957
    Alex Hannum St. Louis Hawks 1957
    Tom Marshall Cincinnati Royals 1958-1959
    Ed Macauley St. Louis Hawks 1958-1959
    Carl Braun New York Knicks 1959-1961
    Dick McGuire Detroit Pistons 1959-1960
    Bob Pettit St. Louis Hawks 1962
    Bobby Leonard Chicago Zephyrs 1962-1963
    Dolph Schayes Philadelphia 76ers 1963-1964
    Dave DeBusschere Detroit Pistons 1964-1967
    Richie Guerin St. Louis Hawks

    Atlanta Hawks



    Bill Russell Boston Celtics 1966-1969
    Lenny Wilkens Seattle SuperSonics

    Portland Trail Blazers



    Bob Cousy Cincinnati Royals 1969-1970
    Al Attles San Francisco Warriors 1970-1971
    Terry Dischinger Detroit Pistons 1971
    Kevin Loughery Philadelphia 76ers 1973
    Dave Cowens Boston Celtics 1978-1979

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