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    Sixth Man is a substitute or a reserve player who is not the part of the actual starting lineup; he comes off the bench in place of a starter. Oftenly, he is the most used stand-in player on a team. To honor the contributions of the substitutes, NBA issues Sixth Man of the Year award. This is an annual award given to the best bench player of the season. A group of sportswriters and broadcasters from United States and Canada decides the award winner through their voting. In order to be eligible for this award, a player must come off the bench in more games than he started. Following is the list of all NBA Sixth Man of the Year award winners from 1983-2012.

    Season Player Team
    1982-83 Bobby Jones Philadelphia 76ers
    1983-84 Kevin McHale Boston Celtics
    1984-85 Kevin McHale Boston Celtics
    1985-86 Bill Walton Boston Celtics
    1986-87 Ricky Pierce Milwaukee Bucks
    1987-88 Roy Tarpley Dallas Mavericks
    1988-89 Eddie Johnson Phoenix Suns
    1989-90 Ricky Pierce Milwaukee Bucks
    1990-91 Detlef Schrempf Indiana Pacers
    1991-92 Detlef Schrempf Indiana Pacers
    1992-93 Clifford Robinson Portland Trail Blazers
    1993-94 Dell Curry Charlotte Hornets
    1994-95 Anthony Mason New York Knicks
    1995-96 Toni Kukoc Chicago Bulls
    1996-97 John Starks New York Knicks
    1997-98 Danny Manning Phoenix Suns
    1998-99 Darrell Armstrong Orlando Magic
    1999-00 Rodney Rogers Phoenix Suns
    2000-01 Aaron McKie Philadelphia 76ers
    2001-02 Corliss Williamson Detroit Pistons
    2002-03 Bobby Jackson Sacramento Kings
    2003-04 Antawn Jamison Dallas Mavericks
    2004-05 Ben Gordon Chicago Bulls
    2005-06 Mike Miller Memphis Grizzlies
    2006-07 Leandro Barbosa Phoenix Suns
    2007-08 Manu Ginobili San Antonio Spurs
    2008-09 Jason Terry Dallas Mavericks
    2009-10 Jamal Crawford Atlanta Hawks
    2010-11 Lamar Odom Los Angeles Lakers
    2011-12 James Harden Oklahoma City Thunder

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