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  • Individuals or groups make bid for NBA teams, purchase stake either full or joint and become the owners of the teams. The following is the list of all the owners of NBA teams  from past to the current including founding owners, principal owners and minority owners.

    Atlanta Hawks

    (1946-1968) Ben Kerner

    (1968-1977) Tom Cousins and Carl Sanders

    (1977-1996) Ted Turner

    (1996-2004) Ted Turner and Time Warner

    (2004-present) Atlanta Spirit

    Boston Celtics

    (1946-1950) Boston Garden Arena Corporation

    (1950-1964) Walter A. Brown and Lou Pieri

    (1964-1965)Lou Pieri and Marjorie Brown

    (1965-1968) Marvin Kratter

    (1968-1969) Ballatine Brewery

    (1969-1971) Trans-National Communictions

    (1971-1972) Ballatine Brewery

    (1972-1975) Robert Schmertz

    (Jan. 1975-Nov. 1975) Robert Schmertz, Irv Levin and Harold Lipton

    (1975-1978) Irv Levin and Harold Lipton

    (1978-1979) John Y. Brown Jr. and Harry T. Mangurian Jr.

    (1979-1983) Harry T. Mangurian Jr.

    (1983-1993) Don Gaston, Alan N. Cohen and Paul Dupee

    (1993-2002) Paul Gaston

    (2002-present) Boston Basketball Partners L.L.C

    Chicago Bulls

    (1966-1972) Dick Klein and Lamar Hunt (minority owner)

    (1972-1985) Arthur Wirtz

    (1985- Present) Jerry Reinsdorf

    Miami Heat

    (1988-1995) Ted Arison

    (1995-present) Micky Arison

    Orlando Magic

    (1989-1991) William duPont III

    (1991-present) Richard DeVos


    (1946-1976) Danny Biasone

    (1976-1982)Fitz Eugene Dixon Jr.

    (1982-1996) Harold Katz

    (1996-2011) Ed Snider and Comcast Spectacor

    (2011-present) Joshua Harris alongwith co-owners David Blitzer, Jason Levien, Michael Rubin, Erick Thohir, Will Smith

    Utah Jazz

    (1974-1985) Sam Battisone

    (1985-1986) Sam Battisone and Larry H. Miller

    (1986-2009) Larry H. Miller

    (2009-present) Greg Miller

    Minnesota Timberwolves

    (1989-1994) Marv Wolfenson and Harvey Ratner

    (1994-present) Glen Taylor

    Golden State Warriors

    (1946-1952) Peter Tyrrell and Steven Kim

    (1952-1962) Eddie Gottlieb

    (1962-1986) Franklin Mieuli

    (1986-1995) Jim Fitzgerald and Daniel Finnane

    (1995-2010) Chris Cohan

    (2010-present) Peter Guber and Joe Lacob

     Dallas Mavericks

    (1979-1996) Don Carter and Norm Sonju

    (1996-2000) H. Ross Perot Jr.

    (2000-present) Mark Cuban

    Dever Nuggets

    (1967-1972) James Traindle and Bill Ringsby

    (1972-1978) Frank Goldberg and Bud Fischer

    (1978-1985) Red McCombs

    (1985-1989) Sidney Shlenker

    (1989-1997) COSMAT

    (1997-2000) Ascent Entertainment group and Donald Strum

    (2000-present) Stan Kroenke

    San Antonio Spurs

    (1967-1972) Dallas Ownership group

    (1972-1988)Angelo Drossos, Red McCombs and John Schaefer

    (1988-1993) Red McCombs

    (1993-present) Peter M. Holt

    Portland Trail Blazers

    (1970-1975) Larry Weinberg, Herman Sarkowsky and Robert Schmertz

    (1975-1988) Larry Weinberg

    (1988-present) Paul Allen

    Phoenix Suns

    (1968-1977) Karl Eller, Don Pitt, Don Diamond, Bhavik Barji, Marvin Meyer, Richard Bloch, Andy Williams, Bobbie Gentry and Ed Ames

    (1977-2004) Jerry Colangelo

    (2004-present) Roobert Sarver

    Indiana Pacers

    (1967-1976) Richard Tinkham, John DeVoe, Chuck DeVoe, Chuck Burnes and Bob Collins

    (1976-1983) a group led by Thomas Binford

    (1983-present) Herbert Simon

    Milwaukee Bucks

    (1968-1976) A group headed by Wesley Pavalon and Marvin Fishman

    (1976-1981) Jim Fitzgerald

    (1981-present) Herb Kohl

    Detroit Pistons

    (1941-1974) Fred Zollner

    (1974-2009) Bill Davidson

    (2009-2011) Karen Davidson

    (2011-present) Tom Gores

    Cleveland Cavaliers

    (1970-1979) Nick Mileti

    (1979-1980) Joe Zingale

    (1980-1983) Dan Stepien

    (1983-2005) George Gund and Gordon Gund

    (2005-present) Dan Gilbert

    Oklahoma City Thunder

    (1967-1983) Sam Schulman

    (1983-2001) Barry Acherley

    (2001-2006) Howard Schultz

    (2006-present) Clay Bennett (Aubrey McClendon and Tom L. Ward as minor stakeholders)

    Los Angeles Lakers

    (1947-1957) Ben Berger and Morris Chalfen

    (1957-1965) Bob Short

    (1965-1979) Jack Kent Cooke

    (1979-present) Jerry Buss

    Washington Wizards

    (1961-1964) David Trager

    (1964-1968) Abe Pollin, Arnold Heft, Earl Foreman

    (1968-1999) Abe Pollin

    (1999-2010) Abe Pollin and Ted Leonsis

    (2010-present) Ted Leonsis

    Toronto Raptors

    (1996-1998) John Bitove

    (1998-present) Maple Leaf  Sports and Entertainment

    Sacramento Kings

    (1946-1966) Les Harrison

    (1966-1985) Max Jacobs and Jeremy Jacobs

    (1985-1992) Joe Benvenuti and Gregg Lukenbill

    (1992-1998) Jim Thomas

    (1998-present) Joe Maloof and Garvin Maloof

    Memphis Grizzlies

    (1996-1997) Arthur Griffiths

    (1997-1999) John McCaw

    (1999-2000) Bill and Nancy Laurie

    (2000-present) Michael Heisley

    New Orleans Hornets

    (1989-2007) George Shinn

    (2007-2010) George Shinn and George Chouest

    (2010-2011) NBA

    (2011-present) Tom Benson

    Brooklyn Nets

    (1967-1970) Arthur J. Brown

    (1970-1978) Roy Boe

    (1978-1998) Secauses Seven, a group led by Jay Taub and Alan Cohen

    (1998-2003) Raymond Chambers, Lewis Katz and George Steinbrenner

    (2003-2009) Bruce Ranter

    (2009-present) Mikhail Prokhorov

    Los Angeles Clippers

    (1971-1976) Paul Snyder

    (1976-1977) John Y. Brown Jr.

    (1977-1978) John Y. Brown Jr. and Harry T. Mangurian Jr.

    (1978-1981) Irv Levin

    (1981-present) Donald Sterling

    Houston Rockets

    (1967-1971) Robert Breitbard

    (1971-1973) Billy Goldberg, Wayne Duddlesten and Mickey Herskowitz

    (1973-1975) Irvin Kaplan

    (1975-1976) James Talcott

    (1976-1979) Kenneth Schnitzer

    (1979-1982) George Maloof

    (1982-1993) Charlie Thomas

    (1993-present) Leslie Alexander

    New York Knicks

    (1947-1973) Ned Irish

    (1973-1977) Madison Square Garden III

    (1977-1994) Gulf and Western

    (1994-1997) Cablevision and ITT Corporation

    (1997-2010) Cablevison

    (2010-present) James L. Dolan, Madison Square Garden Inc.

    Charlotte Bobcats

    (2004-2010) Robert L. Johnson (Michael Jordan and Cornell Haynes, Jr. as minority owners)

    (2010-present) Michael Jordan

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