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    This list is about those teams that won fewest but lost most number of games in a single NBA season. In 1972-73 season, Philadelphia 76ers made the record of most losses in a single season which seemed a difficult record to beat at that time but now, about 40 years later, this record is broken by  Charlotte Bobcats in a lockout-shortened 2011-12 season. These are the teams who posted worst records in a NBA season.

    1. 2011-12 Charlotte Bobcats (7-59)

    The worst record in a single season is recently set by Charlotte Bobcats. They lost 59 games in a shortened 66-game season and surpassed Philadelphia 76ers in the worst ever wining percentage in a season; they also registered 23 consecutive losses and tied the record with Nuggets and Vancouver Grizzlies.

    2. 1972-73 Philadelphia 76es (9-73)

    It was a year to forget for a franchise like Philadelphia. They suffered 73 losses and won just 9 games in a full 82 game season. The start their season in a terrible fashion: lost their first 15 games and later, they were defeated in 20 more games in a row.

    3. 1992-93 Dallas Mavericks (11-71)

    It was the time when the team was lacking the experience and stability. With lots of less experienced players, the team struggled throughout the season and ended the season with a miserable record of 11-71.

    3. 1997-98 Denver Nuggets (11-71)

    Nuggets narrowly avoided the record of fewest wins in season by 71-15. During the course of the season, they marked a 23 games losing streak, equal with Vancouver Grizzlies and Charlotte Bobcats.

    5. 2009-10 New Jersey Nets (12-70)

    Nets started the season with 18 back to back losses, worst ever start in NBA history. In the 19th game, they managed to break their losing steak when they won a game against Charlotte Bobcats and closed out the season with 12-70.

    5. 1986-87 Los Angeles Clippers (12-70)

    It proved to be a difficult season for the Clippers as various internal issues  made them struggle throughout the season. They lost heaps of games and ended the season with 12-70 record.

    5. 1993-94 Dallas Mavericks (12-70)

    Mavs started the season with a number of losses and won just a single game in their first 24 games. Despite all those losses, they were fortunate enough that they did not beat the worst ever record in history and closed out on 12-70.

    8. 2004-05 Atlanta Hawks (13-69)

    Hawks lost 12 of their first 14 games of the opening month. They continued to go from bad to worst as they lost 31 games out of their last 35 games and ended the season with a worst franchise record of 13-69.

    9. 1982-83 Houston Rockets (14-68)

    Prior to the start of the season, Houston traded its most impact player Moses Malone to the Philadelphia 76ers due to financial crises. In the season, they put up a franchise worst record of 14-68.

    9. 1996-97 Vancouver Grizzlies (14-68)

    Grizzlies was one of newest teams in the league, only being in existence for two years. What else can someone expect from a new team, except of struggle. They lost 68 games in the season and logged a record of 14-68, one of the worst in NBA history.

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