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  • NBA: Highest Paid Players in Single Season

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    Although, every player in NBA has a lucrative salary but here we will discuss only those players who got paid the most in single NBA season.

    Let’s have a look at the top five list of highest paid players.

    Most Rebounds in a Season Opener

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    Dwight Howard had a spectacular game last night. He scored 17 points and pulled down 26 rebounds against the Charlotte Bobcats and undoubtedly made the most of his first game in Houston Rockets uniform.

    NBA Longest Tenured Coaches

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    Coaching is considered as one of the most important jobs in NBA. There have been many coaches in NBA history who spent decades in the league. Lets have a look at those coaches who have longest coaching careers in NBA.

    Generally, the double-double is not taken too much seriously because it is a very common feat in NBA. In almost every game, you will find at least one player having a double-double, scoring minimum 10 points and grabbing 10 rebounds.

    5 Best NBA Draft Classes Ever

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    Each year NBA draft provides exposure to 60 new players. Obviously not every single player possesses elite ability but it is a fact that each draft class has a certain kind of reputation. Some draft classes seems to have many superstar talents while others lack it.

    LeBron James scored 37 points in the game 7 of 2013 NBA final series. After seeing this mighty effort, i was curious to know what was exactly the highest score ever by an individual in the history of decisive games of finals series.

    Jason Kidd has been the biggest triple-double threat over the past two decades. He is way ahead of anyone else in the league when it comes to putting up triple-doubles.

    NBA Triple-Double Records

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    This is a list of triple-doubles records in NBA regular season.

    NBA Three-Point Records

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    NBA introduced three-point rule in 1979-80 season. Since then, many records have been achieved in this category.

    NBA: Free Throw Records

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    This is a list of NBA free throw records held by individual players (regular season).

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