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  • Basketball referee is an official who supervises the game of basketball. His job starts before the game starts and continues till the game ends. Here is a detailed look at the responsibilities and duties of a referee in basketball.

    Pre-Game Responsibilities

    As mentioned above, referee’s duty starts before the game starts. There a number of things for him to do before a game.

    Referee observes pre-game warm ups.

    Referee inspects all the relevant equipment (floor, basketball, hoops, scoreboard etc) prior to the game.

    He checks the rosters in score books. In case, incorrect have been submitted.

    Looks out whether the players are wearing proper uniforms according to the rules of the league or not.

    Roles and Responsibilities during the game

    He starts the game with a jump ball (opening tip) by tossing the ball into the air at center court.

    He ensures the game is played within the rules and regulations and prevents a team from taking undue and unfair advantage.

    He is responsible for assessing and calling the violation and fouls. Every time when the foul or violation is committed, he blows the whistle and stops the game. He made different hand signs on different occasions which indicates what kind of infringement has been made. Then, he charges penalties against the offender according to the rules of the game and nature of the infraction.

    Whenever a foul is called, he makes it sure that it is in the knowledge of scorekeeper.

    He ensures the safety of the players. He makes sure that no players is having or wearing any sharp or pointed thing or jewelry which can cause injury to a player. He takes it off if any player has.

    He takes action on disciplinary reasons as well and maintains the order of the game. When a team, player or any other person behaves in an improper manner, then its the referee who decides whether its a misconduct or not and penalize accordingly.

    He can use video or review a shot on buzzer beater situations.

    Post-Game Responsibilities

    His responsibility ends as soon as the game finishes without any controversy or when he leaves the court.

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