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  •  In the early days of NBA, players were drafted only after the completion of their 4 years college eligibility and if they are not enrolled in a college then they have to wait until four years get over. In the 1970s, NBA authorities changed the rule and permitted high schools graduates to be a part of the NBA draft. As a result, many young players entered the league. Since 2005, an age limit has been determined, according to which no player with less than 19 years can be declared eligible for NBA Draft. Moreover, if he turns 19 before his high school graduation ends, he will wait for at least one more year to become eligible for the draft. So, all the players who are listed here must have been selected before 2005. Here is the list of top 10 youngest NBA players ever:

    1. Andrew Bynum (18 years and 6 days)

    Andrew Bynum is the youngest player ever to play in NBA. He was drafted straight out of the High School in 2005 and played his first game at the age of 18 years and 6 days.                                

    2. Jermaine O’Neal (18 years and 53 days)

    Jermaine O’Neal had a successful high school career. He was drafted in 1996 and played his first game in December, 5 When he was18 years and 53 days old.

    3. Kobe Bryant (18 years and 72 days)          

    Kobe Bryant was also a part of the 1996 NBA draft along with Jermaine. He played his first game before the Jermaine but in the list he is placed behind him because he was few days older than him.

    4. Darko Milicic (18 years and 133 days)

    Serbian-born Darko Milicic made his debut in 2003 with Detroit Pistons. In starting few years he got lesser opportunities but achieved some records. He became the forth youngest player and youngest foreign players ever to play in NBA. He was also the youngest player to make an NBA finals appearance in 2004 NBA finals against Los Angeles Lakers.

    5. Stan Brown (18 years and 139 days)

    Stan Brown played basketball with the Philadelphia warriors for two seasons (1947-48, 1951-52). He was the player who held the record for the youngest players ever to play in NBA for about 48 years until Kobe Bryant made his debut in NBA. He was 18 years and 139 days old when he played his first game in the league (BAA) on Nov. 13, 1947. 

    6. Bill Willoughby (18 years and 156 days)

    After completion of his High School Graduation, Bill Willoughby was selected by the Atlanta Hawks in 1975. With that selection, he became the second youngest NBA player of all-time. Over the years, many younger players entered the league and Bill slipped into the sixth spot.

    7. Tracy McGrady (18 years and 160 days)

    Tracy McGrady entered the league in 1997; he was selected by the Toronto Raptors. At the age of 18 years and 160 days, he played hid first game in the league. He proved to be a valuable sighing as in later years he topped the league 2-times in scoring and was selected 7-times for NBA All-Star.

    8. Yaroslav Korolev (18 years and 181 days)

    The Russian player was selected by the Los Angeles Clippers in 2005. He started his NBA career on November 4, 2005 at the age of 18 years and 181 days but stayed with team for merely two years. In 2007, Clippers released him from the contract because of his unimpressive statistics. He is currently playing basketball for a Spanish club.

    9. Andris Biedrins (18 years and 217 days)

    Andris Biedrins made his first appearance in the league in 2004 at the age of 18 years and 217 days. He is remembered mostly not for his play but for his injuries and personal fouls. He was among those players who can not just stay out of foul trouble.

    10. C. J. Miles (18 years and 241 days)

    After having an outstanding high school career, Miles was drafted by the Utah Jazz in 2005. At age 18 and 241 days, he became the youngest player of Jazz history and stands at 10th position in overall youngest NBA players list.

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